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UK Chatterbox - leading the online chatting experience in 2020. The safest way to meet people on the internet during the global COVID-19 Pandemic

Reasons to choose UK Chatterbox as your online meeting place

UK Chatterbox is a modern, intuiative provider of UK Chat Rooms. Based on the tried and tested Internet Relay Chat (IRC) platform, coupled with a modern, user-friendly interface, we are the go-to website for people wishing to use chat rooms in 2020.

Responsive Design

UKChatterbox uses the latest website technologies. Our Chat rooms are the most compatible, and will work on any devices, including desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and a range of mobile phones. 

Unrivalled in Chat Room Safety

Here on UKCB, Our Chat Rooms are fully moderated by a team of carefully selected hosts, to make your experience in our social community as safe and enjoyable as posible, meaning you can totally relax.

Chat Rooms Without Registration

UK Chatterbox respect your right to privacy. For this reason, you can use our chat rooms at the click of your mouse, without any need to sign up or register, or give us any of your personal details.

Why you should use UK Chatterbox as your 2020 chatroom provider

Packed with social features

UKChatterbox is packed full of social features for your enjoyment. Here is just a small selection of our offerings:

Webcam and Audio Chat

Our interactive chat software allows you to chat to others using audio and webcam.

DJ / Music Streaming

Our resident UK Chatterbox DJ, DJ Null, will keep you entertained on a Friday night!

Private Messages

Users of our chat rooms can start or receive private messages from other users.

Photos and Videos

Share your photos and videos on the UKChatterbox Social Stream!

What makes UKChatterbox Chat Rooms stand out above the rest

An unrivalled UK chat room experience

The best thing about UK Chatterbox, is that there is a chat room for everyone. We have such a diverse range of chat rooms, there will be something to suit everyones taste. 

Regional Chat Rooms

We provide regional chat rooms, covering England, Scotland, Wales and Beyond.

Chatroom Games

We have a range of IRC games, including Trivia, and Cards Against Humanity!

Real Life Quiz

Every Wednesday and Sunday, we have a free quiz, with real prizes!

File Sharing

Here on UKCB, you can share files with other members of the website.

Dating possibilities on UK Chatterbox

Approximately 1 in 5 relationships start online, as do around 1 in 6 marriages. These numbers are set to go up, especially in light of the COVID19 Lockdowns. UK Chatterbox offers an ideal solution to find a new date, at a time when it is otherwise difficult to go out and meet people in the more traditional ways. Here are a selection of some of the people you could meet today!

UK Chatterbox Testimonials

You don’t need to believe us – check out some of our trustpilot reviews

I have been with UK Chatterbox about a year now, and I love it. James the owner is friendly and approachable, and very popular with the chatters. He cares about the site being enjoyed by us all. So come along and join us for laughs and varied chat. It’s free, and could be the best thing you ever do!

Robina Michie

Trustpilot Reviewer

I love love love this chat site! The staff are very patient, and keep the rooms well. I have been waiting for UK Chatterbox to re-emerge, and this is the top site for UK Chat! Thanks UKChatterbox, for rising from the ashes!

Rose Lagos

Trustpilot reviewer – USA

The [Trustpilot] Star rating says it all, it’s a pity I can only give it Five Stars.

Andrew Berkowicz

Trustpilot Reviewer and regular chatter

The figures speak for themselves

With UK Chatterbox growing daily in popularity, here are just some of our vital statistics!

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UK Chatterbox Rules and Terms of Use

If we had to choose one subject that matters to us the most, it would have to be the safety of children online. Whilst we recognise that in times gone by, the age to access UKChatterbox was 13+, we have now increased this to 18+. We understand that not everyone will be happy with this, but online safety has to come first. 

Otherwise, there are not many rules. The main thing we ask, is that you respect other UKChatterbox members. Swearing is not banned, but please consider your audience. Please also don’t talk about the distribution of illegal items, or engage in any behaviour that anyone else may find offensive. 

The golden rule, of course, is to get the most out of UK Chatterbox, and have fun! If you have any worries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us, or fill in the form below, and we will get back to you! 

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